news 19.01.14

After 4 years of silence Distortion records is back! We are ready to present you heavy, dark and of course a bit distorted tunes from maestro Throttler and Mediumbeats (a.k.a. Medium). Enjoy!

news 4.01.10

DIST records team pleased to present to you our first vynil release. These four tunes are the big work of our friends group. Subvert records team and personaly Steve Riot, the darkest man in Greece and our old friend - Steve Foskolos (Throttler), australian metalhead Paulblackout and some guys from Ukraine called Medium. Heavy drum'n'bass, crazy breakbeat and generally amazing sound borned DISTORTION 001. In all good outlets!

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news 28.02.09

This year will begin with Medium’s full length debut album, titled Electronic Mind Mutation. Available digitally, the release features 8 songs and 1 bonus track (available as a free download). A 12” will be released with 4 tunes from the album as well, available a few weeks later.

news 18.04.08
Well, after short delay we are back. Going to bring you something disgustingly wonderfull and sickly dark. The unique collaboration of good old Distortion records army and new, but powerfull gear from most talented guys ever.So old school darkside from Deepanic, absolutely evil tune from Switch Technique, pure madness from Greyone and even dont know what to say bout new russian star Sa+an. This man is simply crazy. Art of Murder guys, no more words. Tears out!

news 24.01.08
He is back! The legendary evil genious Arkon with his absolutely sick tune Rats in the Walls. The second rat is Medium's remix on it. Both tunes sounds very harmoniously to each other. Check it, feel it, get it!

news 7.10.07
So guys we are ready to represent you our 4th release. KillSwitch EP from crazy demons called (as you understood ) KillSwitch. This release is only the begiining of their plan for the destruction of dancefloor music! You can find here breaks and amens, twisted bass lines and stabs with a touch of dark, evil atmosphers and of course DISTORTION:) If you dont believe, get and check!

news 17.07.07
We are madly glad to represent your our third release. Two killing tunes from polish talent Switch Tecnique and russians mad crew Envoys Evolution. So enjoy dist 003!

news 16.07.07
We changed our plans a bit.Nothing too dramatic. Dist 003 will be Switch Technique and a new talents from Russia Envoys Evolution, with smashing tunes aboard. Dist 004 will be Arkon's Rats in the Walls and Medium's remix on this tune.Stay in touch!

news 20.06.07
Distortion records promomix!

1.Medium - Whos fucking Next?
2.Medium - Until Death [Dist 001]
3.Deepanic - Envenom [Dist 002]
4.Medium - Radiation
5.Switch Technique - Half Breed 2 [Dist 003]
6.Arkon - Rats in The Walls [Dist 005]
7.Deepanic - Constructor of the Death [Dist 002]
8.Deepanic - Blind Tellers [Dist 002]
9.Medium - Degree of Hate [Dist 001]
10.Deepanic feat Medium - Deep Dawn [Dist 002]


news 20.07.07
Dist 003 Rats in the walls EP coming soon! Arkon&Medium concentration.Release include two unusual, thoughtful, dark tracks. First tune is original Arkon tune. Second - Medium remix on this tune.

news 1.09.06
Dist 002 After short delay we present you "Deepanic" EP. Absolutely crazy stuff from ukrainian artists Deepanic

news 1.09.06
Our first release "BAD SIGNAL EP" available now at

news 21.07.06
Today we cut a red tape and have started dark and sick dnb label.

news 21.07.06
The first release consists of four deep, heavy tracks from Medium. no more words bout tunes, coz you can listen the demos in a releases section!