The motivation for creating this label was the absence of the sound we wanted to hear. For a long time, we have been held down by the framework of modern standards of sound. This has created the boundaries in which we were alloweds to create and took away our creative freedom. Our label will give us (and many other producers) this freedom we so deserve.

The purpose of our label is to invite congenial souls to hear our music. Creativity has no limits. The standard sound does not apply here. Our label consists of dark, talented musicians whose brain is alien to the urge of modern musical tendencies. To become one of us, realise your creative potential, and adhere ideas of music that are similar to ours.

Here are a few of them:

1. Actually rules are not present
2. There is no limit of darkness of tracks
3. Quality has no value if the idea of a track consists in its absence
4. In general it is dnb label
5. We like broken beat most of all.
6. If you do not know that such The Prodigy can not send us your poor demos
7. Coming soon!
8. Be convinced that there is distortion in your track.
9. We do not like when anyone send any shit to us
10. Independently of heaviness in a track there should be an idea in a track!